Liberation Garden

Museum Rules

Visiting and entry

Liberation Garden is open daily from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, except on Monday.
You need a valid admission ticket to enter the paid area of our museum.

There is no right of withdrawal. In accordance with Article VI.53, 12° of the Economic Law Code, the customer does not have the right to revoke a purchase.

When visiting our museum, you should behave in the best possible way and refrain from disruptive behaviour so that the experience is enjoyable for everyone. Smoking, shouting, running and loud phone calls are not allowed.
Objects that are a danger to general safety are not allowed.
Pets are not allowed in the museum, with the exception of assistance dogs. Touching the displayed objects is not allowed unless otherwise stated. Our museum staff will monitor whether this rule is respected. Liberation Garden is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to personal belongings. Any items left behind after closing time are considered lost. To enquire about lost items, please contact the museum by telephone +32 (0)11 29 38 00 or email.

Camera surveillance

There are surveillance cameras throughout the museum building. For information about the use of camera images, please see ourPrivacy Policy.


Liberation Garden is entirely wheelchair accessible and has an elevator. There is disabled parking at the entrance.

If you have any other questions about accessibility, please contact us viatel nr +32 (0)11 29 38 00 of per mail.


Rucksacks, handbags, etc. are permitted inside the museum. . There are free lockers in the entrance building where you can store belongings. You need a 1 coin to operate the lockers. Objects that are too large for a locker are not permitted in the museum (folding bikes, kick scooters, etc.). Museum staff are authorised to decide whether any given item may be taken into the museum during your visit. Naturally, pushchairs and walkers, wheelchairs and other disability aids are permitted in the museum.

Food and drinks

You are not allowed to bring food and drink to the Liberation Garden.

Photography and filming

Photography and filming are permitted while visiting the museum. Selfie sticks and drones are not permitted. Photography, video and film recordings may be used for personal, non-commercial purposes only. Please take care not to disturb fellow visitors when making photographs or recordings for private use. Please tag Liberation Garden in your social media post! Thank you!


The museum’s Wi-Fi network is a service for visitors. However we cannot guarantee continuous connectivity and cannot be held responsible for any internet or network failure and/or loss of data arising from technical or other malfunctions. To use this network, you must accept and respect our General Terms and Conditions. This is an unsecured network. Anyone can intercept information you send and receive over this network. You are responsible for securing your own device.
The museum does not permit anonymous connections such as through VPN services. Illegal activities are explicitly prohibited, including but not limited to hacking, piracy, discriminatory conduct and child pornography.
We do not process, use or share with third parties any personal data that comes to us through your use of this network.
In the event of misuse, you agree to indemnify and compensate Liberation Garden and the Municipality of Leopoldsburg against any entitlements or claims or demands resulting from the violation.

COVID-19 and illness policy

If you are feeling unwell, you are advised not to come to the museum. The museum applies all prevailing government measures.

General Terms and Conditions

By booking and/or paying for a ticket providing admission to Liberation Garden for the purpose of visiting the museum, an exhibition and/or an activity or event, the visitor accepts the General Terms and Conditions and Museum Rules and consequently agrees to follow the applicable guidelines for the whole duration of their visit to the museum.