Liberation Garden


Frequently asked questions

How long does Liberation Garden visit take?

A visit takes, at a leisurely pace, an average of 2 hours. If you want to see, do and hear everything, you can easily spend 2.5 to 3 hours in our museum.

Is Liberation Garden suitable for children?

Absolutely! The whole museum centres on experiences and is ideal for a family outing. There is a special route for children aged 8 to 12 filled with exciting hands-on activities and stories tailored to children. Parents or guardians can take this tour as well to lend a hand. The audio guide for children is narrated by actress and presenter Ella Leyers. Children aged 12 and older can follow the adult route and do the hands-on activities as well.

Is Liberation Garden easy to reach?

Leopoldsburg is very easy to reach by train, bus, car and bicyle. The railway station is only a 10-minute walk from Liberation Garden.


Ample parking is available in the immediate vicinity of Liberation Garden. Parking is best in Queen Louisa-Marial Avenue or Merkem Avenue. The parking spaces in front of the museum are reserved for people with disabilities. Also see accessibility and parking here .

By Bus

There is a ‘kiss and ride’ zone outside the front entrance to Liberation Garden.

By Bicycle

There is a covered bicycle shed at the site entrance.

Can I buy tickets at the museum?

Yes, you can buy tickets at the museum ticket counter on the day of your visit. Do bear in mind that tickets for your preferred time slot may be sold out, so you may have to wait briefly. If you prefer not to wait, we recommend prebooking your tickets online.

How many tickets can I order at once?

There is no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase.

Can I cancel my ticket or group visit? And will I get a refund?

Tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded. However, you can change the date or time of booked tickets. Both single tickets and group bookings.

To change the date or time of single tickets, please contact us via contact@liberat
You can change tickets up to the start time of your visit. Would you like to change a group visit? You can change the visit date or group composition up to 14 days before your museum visit.

Are there any additional fees on top of the ticket price?

No. Everything is included in the ticket price. There are no additional fees.

How can I pay for tickets?

Online you can pay using a bank card. If you buy tickets at the museum ticket counter, bank card payment is preferred.

Are there any discounts?

Hereyou will find our rates.

Can I visit the museum without a guide?

You can visit Liberation Garden without a guide. At the start of your visit, you will receive a free audio guide to walk you through the expo. If you wish, you can use your own earphones, as long as they are wired and do not require a bluetooth connection. This ensures an optimal listening experience. Afterwards, place the audio guide in the designated box in our museum shop.

How do I book a guide?

Click here.

Does the museum have a cloakroom or lockers?

There are free lockers in the entrance building where you can store belongings.
You will need a0,50 or 1 to close the locker.

Are there toilets in the museum?

Yes, toilets areprovided on both the ground and first floors.On the ground floor there are toilets for people with disabilities.

Is there a museum shop?

Yes, next to the entrance is a museum shop selling a variety of fun and interesting products.

Is there anywhere to eat and drink in or near the museum?

Of course! You can grab something to eat or drink at the museum café or any number of local restaurants and cafés. Just ask at the information desk.

What should I do if I lost/forgot something at the museum?

There is a Lost & Found at the information desk. To enquire about lost items, please contact the museum by +32 (0)11 29 38 00 or email contact@liberat

Where can I sign up to become a volunteer?

Liberation Garden is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers! Please contact the museum by telephone +32 (0)11 29 38 00 or email to enquire about opportunities. We’d love to have you join our team!

If I book tickets at the last minute, how long will it take to receive them?

The tickets will arrive in your inbox within five minutes after placing your order. Don’t forget to check your Spam folder.

When do you get group discounts?

From 10 people upwards, you form a group and get a group discount.

Can I visit the museum for free, as a chaperone of a school group?

For every 15 pupils, 1 accompanying person is allowed free of charge.

Do I get a discount with a teacher’s card?

With your teacher card, a visit costs € 7,50.

How can I support the museum?

Buy a Liberation Pass, make a financial contribution or include our museum in your will. This can be done both as an individual and as a company. For details, please contact us by phone +32 (0)11 29 38 00 or email.

Does the museum have a secure storage area for buggies or walkers during visits?

Yes, that’s possible. Buggies and rollators can be safely stored behind the information desk.

Are pets permitted in the museum?

Pets are not permitted in the museum. However, if you have an assistance dog, that dog is of course allowed to come into the museum with you.

Is there free Wi-Fi in the museum?

You can connect to a free Wi-Fi network in the museum.

Can I rent an audio guide?

You get an audio guide at the start of your visit. If you wish, you can use your own headphones, as long as they are wired and do not require a Bluetooth connection. This ensures an optimal listening experience during your visit. The use of our audio guide is free of charge. After your visit, deposit the audio guide in the designated box in our museum shop.

Liberation Garden

What is liberation garden

An exciting and educational museum for the whole family

Liberation Garden is exciting, adventurous, playful and kid-friendly. But also educational, relevant and important. For children between 8 and 12, a visit to Liberation Garden is a special adventure An interactive children’s line has been developed especially for them, where they can carry out all kinds of exciting hands-on tasks and receive information on a child’s scale. The audio guide for children is narrated by actress and presenter Ella Leyers.

A museum where you discover new things about WWII

In Liberation Garden you will discover a piece of ‘forgotten’ history that can still surprise even the seasoned WW II connoisseur. Through the audio guide you will receive in-depth information throughout the expo by renowned WW II historian Prof. Dr. Peter Schrijvers, the museum’s curator.

An important place, where the memory of WWII is transmitted to new generations.

Liberation Garden is about moral values and human rights, about freedom and democracy, about life and death in times of war. The museum offers no set messages or answers, but challenges visitors to test their own views against what is offered. It shows that history is never just a black and white story, but a complex story full of shades and nuances, full of shades of gray.

Not a traditional military museum

The focus of Liberation Garden is on ordinary people and their stories. You are completely immersed in the story: not like a book, game or movie, but at the exact place where it all really happened. Don’t expect an endless display of weapons and uniforms, but discover a thoughtful collection of objects, with strong stories and deep emotions attached. Liberation Garden is an intimate museum, compact and manageable, brimming with experience.

More than just a museum.

Not because a museum visit wouldn’t be enough in itself, but because you can also enjoy hiking and biking nearby. The spacious surroundings of Liberation Garden is dotted with WWII heritage and impressive cemeteries.

A place with passionate volunteers

Liberation Garden runs largely on volunteers from the local community. You’ll be charmed by people who are passionate about the theme and who can convey their passion to you. Feel free to talk to the volunteers during your visit, they will be happy to explain more and tell you about their own experiences.

A community that breathes history

Without the soldiers’ camp, Leopoldsburg would never have existed. More than one million miliciens once did their military service in Leopoldsburg. They made Leopoldsburg a bustling and even notorious place, with an exuberant nightlife – ‘1 café for every day The citizens lived off the soldiers and the soldiers determined the look of the community. The history of garrison town Leopoldsburg is mainly brought to life outside the museum, in the form of experiential walks, adventurous activities and a still vibrant catering industry.